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Some days

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

the sky in Connecticut can be as iron gray as the one in Humboldt. Sort of like a floating slate with ghosts mingling with the wind. Yet, instead of a great ocean outside of my window, there's a sound that may be as polluted as a politician's heart. Sort of anti-climactic, but it still beats living in Bristol.
It's funny, I never thought that I would end up sharing my wares with a sports entertainment media giant, but I do. As a child I thought I would be a mechanic, truck driver, fireman or dock worker, not a television producer. But at some point the old man told me, "you better choose soon, your hands or your brain."
Being young and impressionable I chose "the brain" one thinking it would be cool,. It is, but I miss getting my hands dirty and building things. But then again, it is pretty fun making the suits nervous and the people at home laugh.
It's funny, in all my travels I never thought twice about saying hello to people. In Montana, on enough pot and beer for six people, my friend Curtis and I sat in a bar and listened to old timers regale us with tales of bear wrestling and lumberjacking. We also had someone at a hot spring in Oregon sell us mushrooms he picked while running from the law and living in the forest.
At one point, while I was on the phone with my pop on father's day in Yellowstone, my dad made some reference to the Merry Pranksters and compared my friend and I to them.
I chuckled and had to correct him. "Dad, you can't facsimile something and pass it off as the original."
In his drunken, froggy voice, the sweet but depressed man said to me, "son, you have to remember, it's not the act, it's the effort. And you kids better do right by us."
"Dad," I said, "you never even read Ken Kesey."
"That doesn't mean I don't agree with the man."
A friend of mine and I came upon an idea that many, many other people have: there is no such thing as originality, just sincere action and thought. And sometimes, as John Irving says, that can be mistaken for genius. On the other hand, sincere genius, I think, comes from doing something you yourself had never even considered before.
Opps, time to make some television magic.