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yabba dabba doo

Posted to Action Poetry

everyday the same
walk around emotionless
getting pissed off at everything and nothing
flicking cigarette butts everywhere
sitting and sleeping
insomnia and boredom
when will it end
will anything new begin
im angry
im angry that im angry
is ignorance really bliss
could i be happy
if i was that dumb
if i could stop for one second
enjoy something without asking why
i cant take this
no sleep
no sanctuary
lemmings running into oblivion for a buck
i dont want that
i cant be that
sorrow can swim
but i try to drown it
cuz i can't take this
i wont be a consumer-whore
raped and beaten into submission
ill fight the conformist teenie boppers
ill fight the old rich assholes
ill fight the racist biggots
ill fight myself