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you dont and you did at the same time

Posted to Action Poetry

"fly by babies...winter calls us no more, dead in her whispering bed..."

time said to the man with no hat as he wandered with mind akimbo. we talked a blue runny streak across the mountains. both fully aware of the futility in expression. the most meaningful thoughts cannot be said. even in a halo of silly black ink and crystal rocks. after a break in the non-existant conversation a boom of thunderous bronco hooves splattered our disposition against my memory.

"you know what it is to speak"
"it is merely to trap yourself in me"
"why ask pointless questions that have but more questions posing as answers?"
"do we really need to know anything?"
"do you really know what you need?"

vibrato punching. beating me back from attainment of invisibility. red lip laughter orbiting the screen like daffodils on a rainy spring dream...

am i thinking of them? are they thinking of me?

what makes me exist? thought? the ability to question it? or is there some "divine comedy" at work here...i shall re-grasp my initiative and cut the cords that block my path...for now...