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salvation or silence

Posted to Action Poetry

Salvation or Silence

Inside the velvet walls of the gallery,
the hostess hid
with a tray of drinks held in her hand.
She was waiting for salvation or silence.

Her guests got tangled up
in each other's company and the music.
She wept silently
as the ticking ticked and the talkers talked
and she emptied the contents of the glasses on the tray
and waited for salvation or silence.

Midnight and the smell of dying candles
and the door rattling shut as, slowly, guests left
and she gradually met, face to face with the emptiness
and triangular mess inside a square window
and in front of a mirror
she stared hard to spot salvation or silence.

As she tidied away beer and wine bottles
as she emptied ash from the ashtray
as she closed the heavy curtains and locked out the street light
she looked around and tried to find salvation or silence.