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a chunk of spunk

Posted to Action Poetry

maybe there are no plays on words that will save me
and i have no time to think of anything clever to say
except sometimes i think things i don't mean to think
and i wonder if i could be a funnier
more living individual
with good teeth, great posture, a tan,
sparkling conversation,
but generally sink into the boredom of the everyday
watching programs about antiques and quiz shows
or masturbating
or looking at my legs or thinking about
madness and language
and my legs and my eyes
and my hands
and the sheer struggle of each day
afraid of making any more mistakes
this is self help bullshit must fight from the centre
like holyfield
strut onto new grounds and begin to feel the powers
imagined once imagined once once imagined such
orgasmics of the orgasmics or...
sunlife dreaming drifting shifting yeah
say oh say
oh aristophanes oh heraclitus oh pythagoras
oh greek turd or persian empire
oh darius oh stoic oh book swallower
oh liar to girlfriend oh liver of double life
oh taker of substances oh fucker of lesbians
oh censor of dullness
oh listener to dylan oh feckless nightmare
of eating and shitting of no use
it is no use the lights are no longer on
it is of no use anymore
the dogs are out for the night
and it is one of THOSE nights
oh steely stung strung nights
oh oh
lay me down in streets of roses sunk with windy wine
or windy beaches whining topmost
or the top of my innermost
impotence stretching importantly
slapped tickled into what
comes this way...and repeat after me:
i dont know who i am who i am i
need help
the simple mind is mindful of itself
the others do not matter
we are wee we
lie to get through days we have no use for
i'm michael i think i think i am michael
sometimes like
at moments you know who you are kidding
you don't know who YOU are either who
the hell am i talking to
selfaware what is not therapy for the individual
cannot exist
save pushing what the barrier might be
be if you can though it
harder these seconds to strive as
all upsidedown things
seem rightwayup when you might just
be michael thinking he is not michael
and then the nurses came
and he smiled at every one of them
and they confirmed the complex
ity of their own purposes in life
which was always struggle struggle
care care
care careful
this one wants to be something it is not
it is not permissable to continue writing in
this i cant remember how to spell vane
don't go mad on worry and doubt
puke your love like a rainbow they will hate you.