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water becomes us

Posted to Action Poetry


the sky be-felled me and became night-ish

even the rain falled in bluesy rusty swaths

sworn cut-by-cut deepdeep grooves in the tidal blue

and encroached upon the shore and beyond you know

the sand fell like a speaking crick

and swished all over us all in a sudden itch

in piles of sky water and contamination

the atlantic became another power

with its sky-lit towers and her gallons of moon

broadcast like a glowing poster of pop

the rains became heavy and chrome-framed our memories

we became a sliver of silver and dropped again

headlong into the barrel of sea song

and the atlantic gonged with salt flavor

riffs heavy flows forgotten

swollen large in bye bye nauticals

we washed ourselves in the mater of matter

in the mana of agua

in the heaven of gone gone

and become foam oursleves