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Posted to Action Poetry

i see your face
in the ripples
of my lonely bath water
lettin your voice
rinse over my body
cleanin with words
as they play along
the subtle brown tints
that make up
my wantin skin
and i don't feel
not now
not anymore...

i let the sun shine
down in warmth
along the ledge
of my shoulders
exposed in the day time
while smells circle me
lettin me remember
the taste of
your salts
the night before
that lingers
and i don't feel
not now
not anymore...

the coolness of
a fadin day
when lamp posts burst
into small balls
of light
and fold out
the lanes of
the track
that i flow between
yellows and whites
blacks and blues
not caught in
my yesterdays
and i don't feel
not now
not anymore...

i stare into your eyes
in passin by traffic
with the smear
of color and speed
in the moments between
class and thinkin
watchin your irises form
in the shapes
of trees and dirt
and i don't feel
not now
not anymore...