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conversation of type imagined when on busride home from work today

Posted to Action Poetry

a-how are you?
b-not very well
a-why, what is wrong?
b-i don't feel too good
a-what it is?
b-what is what?
a-what makes you feel not too good?
b-i dont know, everything
a-do you feel like killing yourself?
b-dont be melodramatic
a-do you feel like killing anyone else?
b-i told you
a-ok ok
b-i dont care anymore
a-dont care about what?
b-i just dont care about anything
a-did you used to care?
b-care about what?
b-no not really except when drunk or stoned
a-and you cared then?
b-yes i seemed to care
a-and what did you care about?
b-i cared about the strangest things
b-like the stars and death
a-the stars and death?
b-yes the stars and death
a-and what did you think of the stars and death?
b-one was closer than the other
a-aha you seem a very sad and lost boy
b-i am not a boy
a-you are not a man
b-you have changed your tone
b-why have you changed your tone?
a-i dont feel too good either
b-what is it?
b-all the time?
b-and what makes you feel worst?
a-the fact that nothing makes me feel good
b-and are you a natural person?
a-what do you mean?
b-i mean do you move and talk naturally?
a-yes i think i try to
b-you try to?
a-i cant do it all the time
b-and do you find it hard not being natural?
a-i find everything hard
a-sleeping and drinking i find easy
b-and talking?
a-i find that hardest of all
b-yes that is hard
a-hardest of all
b-there is so much to say
a-and it is never the right time to say it
b-we are a couple of sad ones arent we?
a-yes i guess we are
b-lets forget it for a bit
b-yes lets.

they sit in silence
one with a bad back
the other with an ulcer on the inside of his cheek
clouds move by overhead
a crow moves into the scene.

crow-it is much easier to be a bird than it is to be a human being. i have wings and can fly and whenever i feel sad i just glide on the wind and remember that we are living in eternity
a-why does the wind remind you of eternity?
crow-because it is always flowing and there
b-yes and it lifts you
crow-yes it lifts my wings which lift my body
b-how does that feel?
crow-it feels like flying
b-obviously but how does it FEEL?
crow-it feels like flying
crow-you two are ok you know
crow-yes i think you are ok
a-what makes you say that?
crow-i dont know goodbye