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Running scared

Posted to Action Poetry

I'm sitting here
with a lump in my throat
and a sensitive heart
I'm scared
So frightened
Because I'm falling
I have fallen before
only to find that
at the end
is a pile of rubble
that hurts when you fall into it
I don't want that to happen again
Don't love me
you'll just leave
you find someone else to love
Don't love me please
as much as I want it
I don't want to grieve
I'm so scared of falling
because the drop hurts
I'm so scared of loving
but it's what I deserve

I'm so scared of loving you
because it's so real
I'm so scared to tell you
what it is I feel

If you want to catch
this butterfly
Don't drop me please
I'm fragile
and I no longer want to cry

Please, I want to love
but right now
I'm running scared
I'm falling hard
for you