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red tape

Posted to Action Poetry

the unidentified
indented set apart
at the bottom
of a form of red tape,
not normal to the dates
taken to decipher
the filling out,
are calculated simply
by perspective
and doubt,
shuffled into piles
of the otherwise
ignored, stored like
fillabusters, blocked
by plastic IDs
in body bags
waiting for
postman privileges
to carry them out
to avoid undue suspicion
and anthrax spores.

pray for the the day
civilization becomes
intuitively naiive enough
to perceive the importance
of the just release of
censorship as if a physical
reason were necessary.

when you take
into account
the trash,
take into count
the tax

on various
and non-televised events

such as The Imaganation

The Imagination is
a necessary event.
the imagination is
an event
in order to divulge
of all
estimates –
of every aspect
of the rests
and tests
of your life.

once you have deciphered
the second minutes
necessary to calculate
whether the perpendicular
relationship to your vision
is particularly angular
to the perceived notion
of anyone's intent.

fill out the form.
fill out the form.
fill it out.
it is the norm
to do so.

the unidentified
indented set apart
at the bottom
of a form of red tape
admit a good portion
of whatever life you
happen to be living
at the time
or not.

those unidentified
may or may not
decide to advise you
of this, but i say
give it your
best shot.
give it your best
best estimation.

red tape
cost a

time is fate

it takes two minutes
to lick the stamp.
two minutes.
don't fret.

time hasn't
not yet.

no matter
how much
you have
for the

the tax.
pay the toll.
fill out the form.

sign on the line.
sign on the line.

dp- 4.16.2004

(if this doesn't mean anything, blame it on the vodka. heh)