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Sitting in the saturday school prison
contemplating memories that may alleviate my boredom-
dreaming of days in the grass, trying to understand the rampant bird cries-
sitting in Nofi's gazebo with a fat bowl of nugs, laughing and talking and loving life-
lying in bed, understanding what a "comforter" means-
grinning, piecing together memories of the previous inebriated night while we burn one down-
sitting on an island contemplating a beaver's life, devouring the peaceful essence of nature-
using my mouth to accentuate words that can never be said, only felt, to a girl infatuated with-
hoping for a good sunset, and recieving a miraculous one-
rollerblading in the park...volleyball at the beach-
a short breath following a day in a dream-
a loving gesture to a relative rarely seen-
a sip of rum at a brother's party-
a hope for more from her eye-
a dip in a hotel pool...drinks form Outback-
an inclination that more may be in this universe than simply sensed.

All of these things bring a smile to my soul,
warmth in my being,
gratitude to my God,
peace in my heart,
and love for my life.