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sharik's clods of dirt*

Posted to Action Poetry

while lolling on the roaring riverbank
clutching the branches of willows
i clutched sharik's clods of dirt
lumps of simple earth, cloaked in the mystery of mind

my body ravished in joy of clods
wind soaked arms in sweet communion
belly back and round once more
divining the ancient, breathing the current
river flowed as senses rowed

sharik's breath whispered between my fingernails
'clods come and clods go
as from ash to dust and storm to calm'
the earth moved between my hungry hands
yearning as i was to smell the fruit of the land
so cool, so blossoming with hidden seeds
the clods of dirt
mine for the moment, yet already unpossessed

tossed aside, my worth for a moment lay nude
upon the glorious gifts of planet Earth
at one, all one, all on the face of time


*title, of course, stolen from Sharik, who knew i would