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Great to

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meet You here !!!
and, of course, You're right again !
Somehow i came to like this 'bracketing' of the all-important(!) form, as if to introduce another shell, or applying a moulding magnetic force field... juxtapositioning the 'meaning' of 'explanations', he-he..
dissolving them...
Sorry: i cannot show You all the attempts to say resp. omit 'plastic' line - just because of that scientific reason You presented - i hate such unprecise presentation ! - here also because the glittering of the drops is, of course, important, and different on a - plastic - line - on the other hand, it felt fine to have it implied...'creating the picture in the mind of the reader', You know (he) -
and so i could(n't) also avoid showing to be a chemist, again (and..) - the same problem with the drops 'waiting' to ...
well, in a 'cosmic' time-woven all-reigning sense, they do .. well, but..

thanks lotta
have a beautiful springtime !!