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from somewhere in the fog by ginsberg's moloch on powell street

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spun ten sentences or more coming from behind breaths and after breaths building upon one after the next perception or breath same thing if you try to touch them if you can when projecting into field of verse and there's nothing like a good curse -- !#*#!

coffee not doing the trick back hurt wanna soul flip or take a dip in the bay cuz the east river is too far away

new to this site flight don't mean to rhyme just wanna write my damn essay on america and howl excerpts that is with phoebeautiful calling me in eighteen minutes when she's done with chelsea pier youth intervention workshop some kids have hands that shake like a falling plate when they try to keyboard can't read but we all know what it's like to bleed

the lobby smells like the subway but it's only 750 a month and the bedroom has a view of the cloisters cuz when all goes wrong with empty bong it's not too long before i look above the river of black eels and listen to those monks who thunk deep as a well and still the eternal question how deep is that well as deep as the well-digger's boot