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metal aganst skin

Posted to Action Poetry

I love you
more than anything else
you know that
I can't reach you
you need me
as I need you
but I'm not allowed
to help you
psychiatrists said
that you are mad
and locked you in
but you are not mad
it's the world that's mad
if you are mad
then I'm mad too
because I'm like you
your girlfriend
your soulmate
that the doctors do
can break us up
I just wish
that I could
hold you in my arms
hold you tight
and not let go
keep you safe
from selfdestruction
but I'm not allowed
to do that
the doctors think
that locking you away
stupefying you with drugs
is the right "cure"
if I had the strength
I would fight
for you
and for us
but all my strength
is gone
knife in hand
metal against skin
cutting my arm
I show the world
what it has done
to me
taken away from me
the one that I care
most of in the world
my soulmate
my boyfriend
the only one
who really understand me