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conversation of type imagined when on busride home #2

Posted to Action Poetry

A-how are things?
B-what do you mean by things?
A-things in general
B-things are boring
A-what is boredom?
B-you know what boredom is
A-i suppose i do
B-and are you bored too?
A-i am always bored (and boring)
B-so what is boredom?
A-it is when you have nothing to do
B-why don't you do something?
A-nothing seems worth doing
B-what do you mean?
A-everything has been done before
B-not everything
A-i think so
B-write a poem
A-now, about what?
B-now, about anything
A-ok here it is: i don't know why i spit at strangers
i don't spit at strangers i don't know why i rob banks i don't rob banks...this is terrible...
B-continue, please
A-ok...i don't know why i love my mother i don't love my mother she makes me sick...
A-she makes me sick because she is alive and i am dead and she is not...
A-i can't
B-ok i'll continue it for you: and then one day i fell upon a sun and thought i wasn't good enough and tore into myself like a hamburger...
B-no, it is shit
A-this is pointless
B-yes this is pointless, like most things
A-shall we take some tablets?
B-and looks at the moon?
A-the moon?
B-yes, the moon
A-why did you want to look at the moon?
B-to see if it was still there
A-do you think you are crazy, wanting to look at the moon?
B-that is a strange question
A-do you think you are crazy?
B-I said that is a strange question
B-I think it is a strange question
A-are you afraid to answer it?
B-lets take some tablets and look at the moon
A-the moon IS a tablet
B-now who is crazy?
A-the moon is crazy, always has been
B-yes, it must pull the tide in always
A-and all of that without consciousness
B-yes, that is true
A-just pulling the tide in and spinning
B-enough to make anyone crazy
A-even without consciousness
B-i think something is funny
A-the moon?
B-us, we talk strange
A-yes, but we don't exist outside of Michael's imagination
B-that is true
A-do you think he is crazy?
B-i think he is ok
A-me too
B-just drunk and stressed out
A-i love you
B-i love you too
A-thank you for saying so
B-i love you so much
A-i feel the same
B-shall we make love?
A-we don't have any sexual organs
B-that is unimportant
A-ok, you start
B-i don't know how
Michael-hey there fellas
Michael-you wanna make love without organs
Michael-goodnight fellas
A-right, shall we go off and find that damned moon?
B-fuck off you crazy bastard