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from here in the void of Ginsberg's face on his website

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the void is so full of wonder excellence excitement and excrement that it seems to scream seams of society apart

the desultory result of my writing has left a space in my mind that was full of memories tragedies odes and syntax that doesnt quite fit the dazzling ecstacy of what the mind can be

potential is nothing once you find out about places and feelings that have already been discovered by another soul on the same road as you you are nothing have nothing special or of value to these gurus who know that the universe is nothing that there is nothing left but wonder excitement excrement and more wonder

wandering along this sight at desolate midnights screams to my soul to wake up yet i fell like most of it is crap if this is crap then what is beauty oh wait i know the answer to that ginsberg showed us that there is no difference whatsoever everything is beautiful because it never existed anyway

i hope by now that someone there has heard the cry that i am on the road more traveled by and need directions to the nearest guru i hope i find my guru amen