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conversation between A and B

Posted to Action Poetry

A-what is going on with you?
B-how do you mean?
A-how are you feeling at the moment?
A-why confused?
B-if i knew that i wouldnt be confused
A-where does the confusion start?
B-if i knew that...
A-ok, i get the picture
B-you do?
A-no, but lets not argue
B-who's arguing?
A-i said lets not argue
B-and i said who's arguing?
A-now we are arguing
B-who are you arguing with?
A-look forget it
B-forget what?
A-forget this conversation
B-what conversation?
A-thank you
B-what are you thanking me for?
A-i dont know
B-so you are confused also?
A-it seems that way my friend
B-you consider me a friend?
A-i consider you an arsehole
B-well considered
A-do you really think i am an arsehole?
B-i think you are limited
A-in what way?
B-you can't get through to people
A-what people?
B-me, for instance
B-i tell you i am confused and you are no help to me
A-i tried but you were evasive
B-not evasive, confused
A-ok, so why are you confused?
B-nothing seems to make any sense
A-now we are getting somewhere
B-so soon?
A-what do you need to make sense?
B-i need everything to make sense
A-"the moral law within you"?
B-and the heavens, yes
A-and what have you done to make sense of this?
B-i have read haphazardly in all areas
B-i have read philosophy, haphazardly
B-to its core. i never stopped
A-until you couldn't breathe?
B-until i went almost mad with worry
A-and word fatigue?
B-yes that too
A-and did you write poetry?
B-i wrote reams of it
A-and what was it about?
B-i tried not to but got bored
A-ok, lets try something...
A-right, what do you think of Spain?
B-hot and bulls
A-good, what do you think of sex?
B-hot and balls
A-what do you think of time?
B-i read a book on it
A-what did the book say?
B-i thought you were going to try something
A-i is happening now...
B-i dont feel any different
A-well, just wait and...
B-i'm waiting...
A-what do you think of love?
B-love is just another word for understanding
A-and what happens after understanding?
B-too much understanding
A-and what does that lead to?
A-and do you think you have too much understanding?
B-of human psychology, yes
A-your own psychology you mean?
A-and what about love?
B-whose love?
A-just love
B-love is understanding
A-so you have understanding about understanding?
B-you could say that
A-what do you think you have misunderstood about love?
B-its very nature, more than likely
A-love has a nature?
B-it lives in books and in the mind
A-so it has a nature in the mind?
B-everything has a nature in the mind
A-that seems true
B-i still dont feel any different
A-what about if i tell you that you are ok?
B-you are going to tell me i am ok?
A-i am telling you that now
B-do you believe it?
A-i am telling you that for your own good
B-do you believe it?
A-i believe it is for your own good
B-am i mad then?
A-you are quite mad
B-do you think i can be happy?
A-no, never
A-someday perhaps
B-when, oh mighty one?
A-on your deathbed perhaps
B-i look forward to it
B-goodnight last thing...
A-that's what your happiness will be...
A-one last thing...goodnight

cue theme music to cagney and lacey
a beetle crosses the white floor
the beetle is black
it looks very black on the white floor
B-did you hear that conversation?
Beetle-only the important bits
B-what did you hear?
Beetle-the silences in between your words
B-are you J.D.Salinger?
B-still writing?
Beetle(J.D)-i whisper my new works into a box
B-a box?
Beetle(J.D)-yes, of sorts
B-what sort of box is it?
Beetle(J.D)-it is called a death-box
B-i have never heard of that
Beetle(J.D)-they are made in Sweden
B-a death-box?
Beetle(J.D)-into which i read my works
Beetle(J.D)-yes, it is
B-do you think i will be happy?
Beetle(J.D)-i could say something but i won't

B stamps on the beetle, realising it was not J.D
and realises the peace of the inside and the nobleness of truth

a light wind moves over a stone
a castle shift uncomfortably
children sleep
myopia sets in on the town

A returns to find a dead beetle.

Beetle(no longer J.D)-I am not dead
A-thank god for that
Beetle-god doesnt exist
A-no not outside our minds
Beetle-he doesnt even exist in there

A stamps on the beetle, finishing the job.