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shatterin through
the wakin
to spit out
shards of my own
fuckin teeth
tiny soldiers
ready to die for
the 'greater good'
there isn't one
lettin the colors
smother my breath
while the pillow closes
around my halo
break it into
tiny pieces
that will never
fit together again
i roll over
and let the scars
that are dissipatin
with the cigarette urges
reopen on the side
of my baby brown face
delicate words
that are graffiti'd
smearin false meanins
onto the material
that lays unaware
beneath my thoughts
i let my mouth
encircle the moment
supple and welcomin
toothless still
in the dim light
that sneeks past baby blues
i wanna scream
into the thick space
that makes up
the room
i try
i fail
and i fall
the surface underfoot
crumbles like
old promises
made with midnight vigil
that had no
fuckin validity
fadin away
in the sterile mornins
that only force fed
dogma and hysteria
with guilded spoons
slowly my body
turns over
ready to bake
the other side
in the absence of
the sunshine
in the abscence of
the hour
and then
in mid synapses
i realize
it was a dream