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The Post-Man

Posted to Action Poetry

The post-man makes mountains of self;
a being of idolatry
edified by the id

The post-man is tired of both ballot and bazooka;
a being of poles, post-politics, triumphant,
gallant in his callousness

The post-man is a messenger in a maze;
a being who covets answers,
a silenced cacophany in coccoon

The post-man is post-history and has begun to forget;
A being emancipated from the past, dislocated and homeless, a god who is godless

The post-man stutters Fu-Fu-Fukuyama and shivers in dread;
A being belonging only to becoming
a purer idea

The post-man is the sandman;
A being who has been dreamed
for a million years

The post-man is the ghost-town;
A being of the old country blues
withered desolate clear canvas taboos

The post-man engineers transgressions on the periphery;
A being trapped on the outskirts
of identity

The post-man can't be seen among the insects;
A being who despises the yawns in the cosmos
Only subtle eyes will see text in his silence

The post-man immolates reason and enlightenment emancipation and the future;
A being perpetually laying waste to his seed in forever suicide

The post-man perpetuates still in the the unfolding
A being adept with all corners of the rubix truth
Post-man holds piety to the promise of eventual declension

The post-man goes by names of elements
A being between all things, an intermediary of experience,
The post-man has no shape

The post-man was promised death in the fall but continues the revolution of flesh failing form
A being who stands against angel masters
long since saints and corpses

The post-man is the big bang of simulation
Simulating godhood in the constant creation of life in the swirl
A being ascending to beyond-home and time, a fundamental heaven of elements
breathing designs of the nebula
and blowing breath forever
finding the formless diffusion
of Parmenidian sleep
outside of the sphere
and the coffin box
of this brief disease.