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glorious amok

Posted to Action Poetry

it happens without fields of dandelion daydreams
it happens without opium invoked delusions
it happens without sunshine, bangles, barefeet, or music
glorious amok are the rhythms and colours of my inward brain minglings
like 'visions of sugarplums'
i possess this inner tap dance
a rhythmic mexican hat dance
an imaginary rainbow fiesta of the senses
and bright muralled fences
the sparkle people are putting on a party when i close my eyes
and it happens without fresh-baked pies
it happens without fireworks, picnics or jetskis
it happens without flea markets, drum circles or protests
it happens most just when you think it won't
and it happens without ice-cream cones
it happens in lineups at airports and banks
whether i eat cherries or if i eat franks
it happens inside me, and all around me too
it happens when i'm looking seriously at you
glorious amok are my eyes, looking in
like tambourine twinkleberries caught in my hair
like invisible visitors when nobody's there
cobwebbed strands glittered with sunlight
glorious amok is me, wrong or right.