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beach triping night

Posted to Action Poetry

in the sand I see snakes
and I see eyes
at night by the thompson river

In the thickets I see people
laughing and drinking
"stay away" and I chuckle,
madly and insane
but I forgive my self
pat my self on the shoulder
and strugle to put down the 4th 40 of beer

Croched in the bush now

earlier I was at the carnival
buyinh th srooms of a punk kid
I thought it would not be good
it was...

The old french man says
"Your eyes are di-o-late-er"
"Di-o-late-ed?" I say,
he agrees
I sit on a bench
the carnival is closing down
I like the lights
4th 40 in coat-Olde English

"I am in lve with you!"
The girl stoped in front of me in the car says.
I say that nice to know,
then she drives off...

But in the sand the eagles screeching and claws and every single thing or person-feeling-Known in my mind lerks and give fear and joy-stop frames in real time beach triping night.