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Honey Hollow

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(Honey Hollow was my elementary school in 4th and 5th grade. It was a long, flat brick school in the modern suburban town of Hauppauge, Long Island. Recently I visited my hometown and drove by the site of the school, but the building had been demolished to make room for condominiums. I told my sister, who'd already heard the news. A friend of hers had watched the demolition and saved a few bricks from the site. He gave her a brick as a present but she laughed at him and told him she didn't want an old brick. I told her I wished I had a brick.)

please don't talk to me
about a city that never sleeps
i don't want to hear any bullshit
about a city that never sleeps

this city sleeps
i lived here
i waited it out
cold, cold, windy train stations
black, black, icy night
dollar sandwiches, chili and cheese slim jims
the cold splashing hudson river
just don't give me any lies
about a city that never sleeps

just don't
this city sleeps at 8 in the morning
and can't stay up past 10 at night
just watch the doors
come clanging down

honey hollow
a van gogh streetlight
cold spring harbor
cold spring harbor
babylon, ronkonkoma
screech, screech into jamaica
where the rats rule the tracks
hop on the E
the final stage of the journey home
and i'm tired, man, it's late
just don't waste my time
trying to tell me all
about a city that never sleeps


just don't come around here looking for fun
and talking about purple haze
i got a fucking 6 am alarm clock
that's how much fun i'm having these days

you're not gonna find me running around
looking for coke, looking for rum
in this city, man, every place is closed
you're lucky if you find gum

and don't go seeing a play
i saw them all and they suck
you're better off going to the park
and staring at a duck

and if you need somebody to talk to
better take the 6 up to 120
try to look for help in this town when you're down
you'll see that this city sleeps plenty

and don't try to tell me all
about the coolest club in town
the coolest club was the club next door
and the building code just shut it down

and don't go looking for frank sinatra
andy warhol or johnny ramone
one of them's dead, one's out playing golf
and the other one's left all alone


man don't even try to talk to me
about a city that never sleeps
i've been around this block
don't you know who i am?
i am the king of queens
i am the single dad of three
i will code java for food
and i'm a literary P.I.M.P.
i play 5-10 poker
i live on energy boost
i am where the 92 pontiac grand am comes home to roost
i simmer at 98.6
and i explode at 103
i cry 24 hours a day
and i write lots of poems about me

honey hollow
burger king
polaris, solaris
a bridge, a flyweight, a factory, a singleton
a visitor, a memento
a chain of responsibility
a prototype
an iterator, an observer
a builder, a facade

just don't even talk to me
don't even try to start
don't even try to give me lies
just don't try to tell me any of your bullshit
about a city
a city
that never
a city
that never

-- Levi