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pity on a Maritime city

Posted to Action Poetry

this has the feeling of an irish drinking song, and if you've been here before, you'll know why...

the toll bridges are breaking our balls
it's an hours drive to any of the malls
winter is a season that lasts six months long
but we don't want your pity
in our Maritime city

don't walk down Gottingen
unless you've got a gun
only 3 months a year
does this city see sun
if you know what that does
to the poor and the drunk
which is most of us here
we would roll up that skunk
with a beer
we got problems enough
without Vancouver's junk and their queers
we don't get their kind here
cuz we show em no pity
in this Maritime city.

my friend Jacques Millard, is he irish or french?
il parle le francais, with a limey accent
he's a lobster boat captain
but you know nothin's catchin
the government seized up his ship
it's padlocked and chained to his slip
so he made it a bar
but he'll never get far
if his bootlegger's licence should skip.

but he don't want your pity
in his Maritime city
though it may sound shitty
the summers are pretty
and the autumn's red dress
will leave your heart impressed
so fuck off with your pity
it's our Maritime city
so love it or leave it