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another reconfiguration of Suzzana Doresite in present Hollywood

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'Read me something, from your novel'

'ok'He took dime size Grandaughters to sunset daydreams in Mrs. Hanover's Valentine Bar. A process sure to climax in partially sunburnt Veronicas guiding fingertips through elegant personages. Sewn reality paraphenilia gestures from circuit connections wired to remote stations and Tuesday murders underneath catastrophe dates with Cecilia guiding sweet digits made of paper eyelashes onto the mirror. Take a tune like dreary architecture sung underneath woe- begone olive trees in accelerated time set to hospital ward tempos. This is the emergency, nurse: A billion lifetimes blurred like kiss productions adulterated into bedsheet touches. Girls wear ashen gun holes in dead street corners emptied of life structures born out of huge boring buildings.
'that's enough.'