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palestinian poachers

Posted to Action Poetry

west bank
wind breaks
build walls
around deforestinserted rabid inhabitants
insatiable insanity
overpopulated problems
gone goes the dirt
comes dim instinct landscapes
conservations immobilization

Concrete trees dismantle Those that bear the breeze breathed on the other side

replenish what has diminished

biological corridors
settle scores with cement
fragment habitats to
attempt to preserve ones ancestral biodiversity By-producing complete indigenous calamity

By-pass velocities erosion
claim to be humanities chosen
put apartheid in motion


silenced not by gender but by another nature

statue a people plant a garden
territorial toil tills the soil
solidify your effigy
fill in fascisms recompensed fence

agrarian demoted ground glows beneath orange peeled pasture
atop recycled concrete
(graveled peopled systems)

finca roof refugees squinched in expansion
campesino tin doormates welcome your stay

when finally an entire nation is attired in stone
charge americans to witness your trophy grove
the new muslim mausolem
the holocaust's next museum
walls will never bring peace together