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after commensurating with the devine

i felt myself return to what is briefly

called reality

only to find myself draped in this flesh

that has such a short lifespan

and i wondered... i wondered even aloud

how could this be me?

how could this be me?

thrice i yelled... but there was no one

not a sign of humanity to be seen

and i felt this body quiver

o did it quiver... and quiver it did

like it was receiving signals from somewhere

that i could not imagine

i rebelled against this present frame of mind

i retorted to this pile of aging flesh that

i do not want to indulge in this behaviour any more

i am finished with all the fucking games.. the cons

the petty thefts of spirit and soul

that pick and pick at the flesh... desirous of more

and more and more

like starvation gone amock

the confusion the battered thoughts bouncing

back and forth

back and forth

the play of this duality is at times unbearable

and i seek the quiet that is me

surrendering all else to nonsense.