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glorious amok

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Glorious Amok

There is a need for incubation
A need for some ripening
And just a little more time for gestation
There is no need to push her
Let her grow
Let her simmer and twist and yearn to get out
And when she is ready
When she wants to
She will scream and hatch and spill out into your life
She’ll run glorious amok
And surely will knock
Down every cubicle wall
With malicious intent
An impish giggle
And blistering with colour
She’ll smash the florescents
Out of your itchy grey reality
Once and for all
Once and for all and finally
And then
When all the pent-up churning
And all the artistic burning
Has finally come to a head
All your pain will be proven worthwhile
(And don’t you dare think it won’t)
When you’ll victoriously stand up and say
No shout
‘Today! Today is the day!’
And pick up your pen and your zills and your soul and your smile
To walk, no dance, into what is meant to be
What you’ll then make it be
But don’t push her
She’s an artist and doesn’t like to be pushed
Given her own time, though,
She’ll move the world with a smirk
That is her guarantee.

-Kreddible Trout 2002

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