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my friend

Posted to Action Poetry

what will you be wearing when we guns are pointed at you the wrong ways
wide open mouth
outside, content to observe
costa rica is my country, this is my street/
coca de columbia
my friend/~an expression with an agenda
for you a good price/ coca para me mate.
good price/

associate the situations;
previously with a breath of madrid
here a moroccan with the intent to corner
chocolate, my friend
hash hash
no, cheers habi
i can tell you nervous
your friend he nervous
tengo marijuana

the force to sell
this is my country
for you my friend a good price,
donde you live/
new york
his is my country...
for you a good price/
eager egos to blame
faces closer to ordeals situation
coca marijuana tengo drugas/
to speak with tipsy lid slur
static chatter
he wants to sell us coke
what he doesnt understand
this is my country
bars and their universities
o army
much marijuana/
no thanks mae
puta madre/
she silver screen jah/
push her hair
tisk tisk tic
pinche gringas
mi amigo, your amigas... i dont gusto
then the boy with the curly choulder situated hair
the one rockin the holland tee
spits to the feet of a group of kirls
pulls a pistol places it in my mouth
neck against piss walls postured in vomit
until he laughs down silent streets crumbled with friends
i had on nylon trousers and a plaid shirt