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Life and our ways.

Posted to Action Poetry

you see that bird outside your window
you see the flower living behind your deck
the tree and leaves moving in the wind
all have life within.
sit still and listen to the sounds of life
everything has a voice and the future to come
cause evrything will be affected
by the everchanging future

everything else enjoyes and flouriches in nature
except us the humans
that take it over
we are the ones doomed to suffering
because we can't see
that being disconnected with nature
isnt our history
and even we were once spiratuality free
from desire and hate
lets look up and face
the weight on the earth
the we a a society have caused
with our self indulenges
when we cant even stop to look out the window
and look into the life that we are changing
with our ways
of industry and change forgetting the old and not looking into the new until it consumes.