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Spiritual Schizophrenic (only residual schizophrenia, no big deal)

Posted to Action Poetry

woke up in a stupor, with a start
looked around, eyes adjusting
saw nothing but blue all around
well, i thought, better than reality

grabbed my fists and pounded ice above me
as much as i tried it would not budge
i began to sink lower lower lowe..

what the fuck? i thought, as i wheeled about
a finger placed on the ice caused it all to crack and burn
burn with an invisible fire, an energy unexplainable

pulled myself up, with the help of life
i immediately meditated, renounced the world
was caught in orgasmic delight for an infinity

after time i became cold
my muscles spasmed, my lips cracked, quivered
i wondered why i must be here now, after all
now and again the fire embered and grew within me
strengthening me, consuming me, becoming me
but the blue was inescapable

and yet the fire burns...
the fire does burn.

woke up, still dreaming
asked a clerk where to go
what do you mean son?
dont you know theres no reality around here?
i shrugged and walked on

woke up, in a desert
a man by a bush was talking to himself
what are you saying? i asked
(he smiled and i smiled back)

woke up, in bed
ate cereal and went to school
realized i was dreaming and flew away
away for a second, taken away
crashed into the pavement of reality

woke up, to this
these tv screens and idiot machines tell me that there is notning more to life than nutrasweet moments of fleeting ecstacy that leave me with nothing, nothing at all
i sit awake at night wondering what a dream is and what can be taken from it
i have decided to shun the world, i must find the answers on my own or else they may be corrupted by our Golden Media Monster who exchanges souls for quarters and destroys spirits for free
these ghouls of Benjamin Franklins have the power to augment the world to their liking, and for that i must shun the world
i must depend on myself and God to get me through this trial,
for that is all life is,
a grand invisible trial.