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digging for bones on the subway

Posted to Action Poetry

somewhere under your sweat
was the stink of yesterday's balogna

she said he tasted like a swine
spitting the carrot juice out
into a golden spittoon
after swishing it around in his
pocket book

yes you look like jesus
said the childless mother to a doll
sitting on the subway bench

after the priest got up and left
a surprise on his shoes

no you have been mistaken
all the way from fresno
to the bronx
but if you repent
you may find a sale at the grocers

and you know what
what means
don't ya?

if they ask once more for donations
inn order to roll on
i will have to jump off

next time

signing out
a keeper and
a winner
a diver and a dinner
companion for a jacket
of stew and dollar bills stuffed