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The spider

Posted to Action Poetry

A spider spins within my head
He weaves a web of pain and dread
Along my spine he does skip
Of my fluid he does sip
To my brain his mandiple grips
In my mind his venom drips
Between synapses he does leap
In my dreams he makes me weep
He lays his eggs and stings his mate
This lord of sin this bug of hate
Insidious worm his cob-web weaves
Like a viper in the trees
Arch beguiler he deceives
With promises of glory vain
Harbinger of gnostic pain
In the shadows in dark he thrives
His vile mission there contrives
Yet a ray of light has penetrated
Exposing this evil once venerated
Glowing with the intensity of fire
Magnified it roasts him upon the wire.