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the conquest

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i know this is my first entry, so dont judge too harshly on the content... its not representative of my work as a whole, just something ive been working on.

The Conquest
10 * April * 2004

Like a conqueror,
Of the ilk of days gone by
He comes
She, the dark and defiant heart of the New World.

Toward one another,
In the moonlight dream
Of a silent night,
They turn.
Face to face,
Desire on desire,
Skin against skin.
Impossible nearness,
As inch by inch, he explores with
Burning fingers,
The eloquent landscape
Of her body.
With passionate tenderness
(ternura apasionada)
They discover the richness
Of each velvet hill,
Each shadowy valley;
The smooth dark curve of her thigh,
The strong, broad force of his chest…
With wanting tongues they taste of each other,
As the harsh rules of the physical universe
And they begin to melt into one.
His hand at the nape of her neck
Moves - not over the skin,
But through it,
In it -
Down to the small of her back
Where he draws her closer.
The hand that grips
The swell of his arm
Feels the heat of its own touch,
And sinks into him.
With the grace of a serpent,
She steals through his body,
Instinctively finding the throbbing heart,
Tightening abdomen,
Coiled, growing power.
He is entwined in the silken net of her hair,
Sinking with desperate abandon
Into the limpid crystal
Of her gaze.

The petal-soft touch of lips
Thrills through him, electric.
His breath, in murmured caresses
Is cradled in the hollow of her throat,
Where of old, women have kept
Their treasures.

They feel the spin of the earth
On her starry axis,
The maddening speed
Of the planet beneath them
As it rockets through infinity.
Time bows out of shape,
And the world is hushed,
As , like a butterfly, she unfolds
Her delicate wings.

They tremble as one
On the edge of that instant,
Wondering if this will be it -
If this key will fit that lock,
And the door of secrets
Will be opened.

Suddenly, the silence is broken
And time snaps back into shape,
And he is reaching,
And she is guiding
Through a fantastic, blurry
Watercolor universe,
Where colors run together
In brilliant blue and fiery orange.
Where sweet browns puddle into creams
And the ancient beat
Of pounding hearts
Lends cadence
To the rough, rolling melodies
Of sweetly moaned agonies,
Gasping breaths,
And te quieros.

There is an urgency.
A clawing need.
They are dizzy
With the humid aromas of love.
Spun together
In a liquid web of
Twining fingers,
Sliding bodies,
Hungry mouths.

The wild taste of fullfullment
Flooding the very air.
They grope for each other,
(taut shoulders
Flowing hips)
Pushing till the last of their strength is gone,
And feel it crash
In waves of white-hot sparks
That burrow through the skin
Into flesh and bone
And blood and soul.

Clinging together
In the rushing darkness,
Waiting for the rapids to calm
Into the regular
Pulsing beat
Of the winding ribbon river
Of the night.