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the attack

Posted to Action Poetry

then suddenly the attack outside the pub
the verbal diatribe dressed in humour
outside the Good Mixer in Camden Town
two long haired fellows acquaintances
i think the phrase is
just bubbling over
with authentic surrealist crazed smiles
pumping their sharpened weed-soaked
Magritte phrases at me for sheer enjoyment
a real joy to watch as
they went for my jugular said i was fake
i was not funny pointed me out to various hidden
truths in front of various people
a little show for the crowd a show to show
how clever and individual they were
truths they were so aware of
now that there were two of them
and all i had done
was try to be funny doing my dumb Billy Connolly impressions
talking funny kooky it-doesnt-matter-shit
in the pub outside the pub
cheering folk up so i thought
with harmless lunacy i thought
the way you are supposed to on a friday night
i remember i even
complimented them on their looks at one point but
were just too real for me and with it
and had smoked so much pot and had reached
a new level and played guitars
and knew the names of certain early Pink Floyd tracks
and even when my face showed them
that i was in pain that
i didnt like what was happening they leaned on in
and continued the attack and laughing all the while
like devilish long-haired schizoid maniacs
and the girl i had met went to leave
and she told me afterwards
it had gotten a bit weird and that was why she wanted
to leave
and i thanked her for noticing that
but that was it with her and after in the Dublin Castle pub
i saw one of the guys and i realised he wasnt worth
so i was happy for a while
and an Asian girl with beautifully soft fingers and
soft eyes
my hand and asked me questions
and i drank a bottle of budweiser and made jokes
about that song that goes "the heat is on" and how
that is a very happy song
and then the night came to an end and the good thing
was i didnt have work
and my girlfriend knew where i was so there would be no
fight the next morning but
the bad thing was it was a lie and i had more memories
to deal with and had moved a little further down the road
to ruination
or maybe that was in my mind only as it is every day but
on the plus side i wrote some poems about atoms on the
tube and that was ok and now i am doing a lasagne fart
and that is it really my life i mean over
the past few days
and hours thanks i know this is no poem but thanks lets
keep pushing this thing shall we?