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this is not poetry by me but...

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i never really understood about justice justice
always seemed to me something that other people got
when they lived in some imaginary world like a book
or something or on the tv like the time
i was set upon by five turkish guys outside a kebab
van in york and the moment i threw a punch in self defence
i hear the awful siren and i am arrested and thrown into
the back of the van and taken to the station
to sleep on that damned blue plastic mattress and taken
to the court the next day to face charges of causing a
public disturbance and the dty solicitor says to plead guilty
or they might leave me locked up until Monday as there is no
court on Sunday so
i go in to face this female judge and tell her i am guilty
of something i did not do and i get a fine
and that is all i know of justice that
and the time i got fined for urinating in a public
place even though i was guilty as charged.