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my girlfriend the darling girl

Posted to Action Poetry

i am not saying she is perfect but when she pads across the floor
like a tired leopard
in that self-assured way and leans into the freezer to retrieve us a lasagne
for tea
i swear to you i could cry it is so damned beautiful to watch
or when she wont stop laughing for near on half an hour and even laughs at the way she is laughing
and the way i am laughing at the way she is laughing at her own way of laughing
i could
just bend over and kiss gods arse and thank him for shitting her out
into my dreary corner of the universe
because god love me holy hell she is the best thing that ever happened to me
and all the little goblins in all the little world with all their sharpened spears could not force me away from the majesty of her face on waking
when she tells me that she loves me
as she wipes the sleep from her ponderous
Sunday eyes.
oh my she really dreams about me.
how absolutely wonderful.