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everybody makes me nervous every situation
makes me want to hide under my bed
i am afraid of the dark i am afraid of my mind
of not understanding history of not understanding myself
i am afraid of television of taking too much drugs
of nights alone on the streets
of writing obviously of ever being obvious of loving of giving love of receiving of sex
i am afraid do you hear me i am afaid and i dont think it is anyones fault do you know how hard that is how fucking crucially difficult it is just to get up in the morning and try to understand myself in some small way that will allow me to complete the day without breaking down and weeping and calling my mother finally and telling her i cannot go on anymore becuase i dont have spirit or will or whatever it is it takes to see that people are dying of hunger and war and i complain about everything i see
my god
the honour of this life might be something if i could only see past my doorstep and get over the fact that the
reverse of everything is true.