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The Life of my Time

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The Life of my Time

All my life I have looked up passed heaven torn constellation gateways
Through life’s ache and grimace etched harrowed on the faces of my ego
Gazing at drunk sunset wine horizons, in the silk river, the city’s florescent reflection
And all my life I have looked for patterns and absolutes dedicated to the grand deduction.

All my life I have spoken and heard the Olympic contortions of the sung word
The abstraction of contact, the great negation of the sign and play
All the births and good-byes in the fall of the flesh, the scattered screams in the mind
Yet all my life I have invited and denied these unqualified indulgences of the blind.

All my life I have sucked on the empty speak exhaust
The chemical communication, the shadow relation of mind to mouth
All the algebra and graffiti, the echoes in the masterpiece
Yet all my life has been devoted to the moment all these cease.

All my life I have longed to escape breath, beat and the lines of the real machine
The academic catacomb, the political flat-line doldrums
Through the medicine cabinet mirror, through the carnival of cunt and cock
As though all my life has been reaction to something outside that Electro- shocks.

All my life is learned or borrowed from the source of common thought
My sullied portrait hands divine the blood and waste of the history mire
And I have diluted my spirit not only with draft death but also with a need for salvation
But my life is edited by the angels of the archives and strives for another’s deification

All my life has fallen from the mould to find its true shape in instants
In skeletal ideals, bare but for the Will, the simple impulse to design a new purity
Moments eternally resonant that have impelled the boy to rise in the clothes of man
And push forward what never was, to leave the old buried amid pyramids of sand.