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the velour escalator

Posted to Action Poetry

So you’re on an escalator, going up. You can’t see yet what’s on the next level, but you already have a rising feeling of excitement, and a quiet memory of what to expect, of having been there before, even if you know you haven’t. But before you can reach a vantage point from which to see the situation clearly, the escalator splits into two – the long way – and you suddenly have one foot on either side of this new chasm. Just then, a giant God-Spirit-DJ descends from the heavens, and places His warm hands around you, one on either side, emanating a safe yet thrilling energy throught your small body. Your hands reach for the railings, but you feel enveloped, cupped by His gentle loving prescence. His thumb goes down on the left track, His index and middle finger take the right one, and He begins to slide the two sides under your feet, sorta rub ‘em together like, and suddenly, your ears and your spine and your blood become filled with the slow lovin’ groove to which He is mixing. One track eases gently back when the other spurts forward. You somehow manage to keep your balance. You find it is even easier when your eyes are closed. The music you are feeling tells you what to do. He gives those gears a quick whick-a-de-wick-whick and then sets them free to spin on their own time, sometimes together, sometimes in two distinct harmonies, the escalator’s motor always returning to its own built-in rhythm easily. His God-Rhythm and the motor and the vibe create a new music, and you provide the pulse for it all. Everything is taking its cue from you, and you find yourself in a balancing-act dance, riding this bizarre escalator, which is always headed up, without tripping or getting your jeans caught up in the spokes. The gears and the motor and the music and the God-Rhythm all guide you musically, in a groove that is simple and velour. As the escalator finally approaches the top,it lets you off without lifting a toe. You just slide right into your new destination, open your eyes, and begin to take in the surprisingly beautiful, candlelit ambiance of the next floor. What you have just experienced is commonly referred to as the 'female orgasm’. Anybody else going up?