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Happy invocation

Posted to Action Poetry

Sorry, but this embrace was intoxication
Esoteric non-syllabic sticky ecstasy
Sorry, I had to touch you, aching,
So directly, your hand, you know
Put it in my heart and sex
Oh girl oh lady oh woman:

Beads of pain laid bare, alien to love, foreign to nature
Sighs of desire, repressed, sliced, unrecognizable
Bloods of joy, pumped into hearts and embraces
Tears of despair, ruptured sweet longing, cruel and mean
Doubts of caress, incentive relief and pleading display
Gleams of legs, hair circling in roses, scents and sweat
Pasts of wonder, woven into destined hands, trembling eyes
Streams of fear, gliding lips, childlike hopes, secrets and nerves, eviscerate
Innocence scream beat hurt skin night shuddering shivering breasts
Blocked veins shrill imbibe turning extending receiving tender lean dream tongues
Stumbling hips

Free me from this suffering, from the serious concrete illness born today
All you kind spirits Help this love that hurts !