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paleolithic worship of bear skulls (edited)(a lot)

Posted to Action Poetry

a fifteen foot tall prehistoric bear
stone weapons a good fight
a platonic good meal for who ever wins
I worship a good death and good life,
"that is enough",
don't need no heaven no hell but
Christ "is just all right with me"
no Woody Allen me.
I want to be there when it happens
I want to be conscious of my last breath
I want to hear my death rattle
Wonder if I could still hear that?
Probably not, nor feel the maggots or smell the smell.
Would I still be around?

"No, it can't be. There can't be anything after death. I was terribly disappointed that even death couldn't put an end to my consciousness."
"A Memory OF Sylvia Plath" Nancy Hunter Steiner

I want too much
greed for life

No idea what this has to do with your poem.
A sense of revulsion at self pity, maybe?
what else is the worship of self?
why do I answer questions with questions.
Man you can write thank you, maybe that is the only point I am trying to make.