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The Inadequacy of Human Life

Posted to Action Poetry

The EYES of the Human soul: we are children of my night]
We are children of my fallen stars
We are lovers of destruction
We are lovers of hell's reign
We are haters of the mindless
We are haters of happiness peaks.
Sometimes crying we are murderers
Sometimes dying on the plain.
Sometimes wailing we are animals
Sometimes sailing on the sea
Lovely ladies burn in Palentine
Satan watching over me.
The HANDS of the Human heart: Come to me you beautiful liar
Nothingness is the isolation by the wayside
Thinking to myself will the pattered pilgrims fly?
Will the silver pixies die
MADNESS! Look me in the eye
My smile is manic pyscho's cry.
The HIPS of the Human mind:Live
Relinquish the terror, but gain the FEAR
Patch the hole but have the VOID
Say goodbye to the night
Soft and velvet dust... follow me... I'm Human Trust