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o yeah...a simple mind, without guise...I have a son like that. He has no aspirations, no worries, no search for insight...with his simple mind, he is enlightened.

looking for that switch
the 'on' and 'off' one
turns into looking...
thoughts roll by
some make one shudder
or gasp or sigh...
some just a smile, a wink
this busy, busy mind of mine
for being...not wishing or hoping
reality intrudes
razor sharp this mind of mine
cutting, hacking away, piercing
my very soul

observation: the mind is a tool, a sharp instrument that can cut away the non-essential, or carve a new niche. How one uses it determines the final form...

Good morning Deez...It seems that I pass one test only to be assailed by another...such is the path I have chosen in this life. This journey is arduous and rock strewn and I stubb my toes on every dilemma, which of course, are self created. It is the fool's journey I seek...