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If this site is your criteria for "truth on the moonlanding", I must say that it is very weak. To think that all the thousands of people involved in the several journeys to the moon, not to include the deaths of the atronauts in Apollo 13 (?) at cape canaveral, the hundreds of people at NASA tracking station, the Russians at the time tracking our efforts to reach the moon, the moon rocks that were brought back, the geologists that have studied them, etc, etc.... Do you really believe that out of the thousands of people involved in this endeavor would remain silent for all these years, a cover-up to fool the world that man landed on the moon, not once, but several times??? Bradley, I cannot understand your rational behind believing that was a hoax.

As to your 'evidence site' - mohammedi, and their bullshit on the end of the world in islam theories, etc, etc, seems to me just a hoax on those that go to this site. If you truly believe what this site has to offer as 'truth', I, my friend, think the hoax is on you.