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What is happening now?

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There are many great writers from the past.By great,my understanding is challenging,original,and confrontational,with regards to "established" reality,and the establishment that dictates such reality.

And there are many such,great writers presented on this web site.But where are the great,new writers of today?That follow in the spirit of these great writers,but do not try and imitate them in style,and even lifestyle.

I do not deny their existence.But,the writers that are presented to us,seem to be either the writers who are well known for their work,that often at the time of publishing,seemed radical,and was often looked upon with anxiety by "the establishment",or writers who follow a well channelled format of writing,much like the films and television programmes that we see so much of.Publishing houses will not spend money on new,writers,with something to really point out.There seem to be no taboos left to break,except the taboo,of pointing out there are taboos left to break!

So I read a lot of the stuff listed on this site under beat,and transcendenatlism,and a lot of other stuff written since the recorded history of humankind started.

But I have read very few books,post 1980,that seemed to fit in with what I look for from literature.I would like to hear some recommendations,from anyone who can tell me,of such writers,writing today,that might satisfy me.I'm tired of reading people,many fo whom died before I was born(In 1979)and have not much bearing in "storming the reality studios"of modern life(William Burroughs)(Even my quotes and cliches are those of dead writers.)

It seems,the beats and all the others writers of the past,have lost their original immediacy and impact.A good sign is the coming "On the road" film.Now "On the road" has been turned into another primarily money making ideal;in real life too ie.The hordes of travellers/tourists flocking round the world,to see the same old sites,sponsored by McBackpackers.That is not to criticize them for what they do;I'd love to,and will do I'm sure.But it is just to illustrate,how times have come on.And rebellion sells at a profit,if it can be channelled into the mainstream.When it becomes mainstream,it looses its original power.

Does anyone know of the existence of any,"literary circles"?
I live in London,UK and cannot for the life of me,find any one to discuss my literary passions and writing with.I'm sure,readers from around the world may be able,again,to point me in the direction of some,and help educate me.
My understanding of a literary circle,is the Beat or Parisian one of cafes,and poetry readings.Cafes where I come from,seem full of business people getting hyper and jittery for the day ahead.In the UK,we have no good,independent cafes,like the USA seemed to have when I was last there.No names mentioned.And I have very few,material friends,and have no physical ones who share my passion for literature.So I am in danger of being disillusioned.