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The window

Posted to Action Poetry

Accursed glass
To strong to break
Not of human origin,
But from the chaos inside

I've watched you die
Slowly, painfully
Tired, emaciated, hopeless

I pound away
It does not break
Til my fists bleed
Leaving crimson streaks on the glass

Pounding with my head
Hoping to break through
Trying to reach out
The pain throbs in syncopation
With my dying heartbeat

Soon the blood will leak from my ears
Soon enough I'll choke on my salty failure
Drowning in sadness, wallowing in despair
Cursing my weakness that made you so

Cursing my darkness
Sleek, that scratched your soul
Cursing my judgement
Cursing my insanity
Wretched, that turned you away
Cursing my existance
Whatever that may be

Perhaps, someday, I will break through
The glass will slice my veins
All will go dark
A posthumous embrace in a pool of blood
Is that our destiny?

Isn't it everyone's destiny?

Becoming essence, forgotten by time
Mourned by innocence and marred by despair

Pounding against the glass, now from the other side
I must warn the living not to make the same mistake
For I am the distorted, ghastly reflection in the mirror
Saturated in tears and spattered with blood

But all I wanted was to be a man