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What do I think of Changchun China, a friend just asked and I told her:
The days have rolled past me like rocks falling from a cliff
The seasons have changed
And I have yet to finish reading the book I brought with me
Yet read the ones I bought hear
The beer is beginning to taste foul
Like rancid vinegar
I now opt to drink imported Mexican/Corona
While tapping my feet to the bass induced thump of
the Chinese techno scene as the straight ebony hair of Chinese youth
Whip their heads from side to side as in defiance…. to something
And the splendor of newness
Is blurred by dusty winds of the Inner Mongolian northeast plains
Though I just bought a bike
But seldom ride it because the five-minute ride from home to work
Makes my lungs hurt
Even the market air is foul with pollution
Yet the smiles of strangers make the days comforting knowing
That people are friendly and beautiful as we talk in broken chinglish haggling over the price of fresh red tomatoes and freshly steamed boiza
In the city of 3 or 6 million depending on who you talk too
This is what I think
Cause it is all I know
So far….