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Time Of My Life ( P C )

Posted to Poetry

Mainly writers of rhetoric gaze among days of absence in the rain –

Plain-sight tells us just as much as hind-sight, if you bother to look, and time will tell you what to. Memory fails us sometimes and our eyes can’t see when they’re blind to our cold noses. Watch out for cold feet under the blankets! Mind the clues, and pay your dues, and venture out into the world with a wide open mind. Don’t look too far forward, but don’t look behind, only in reference, look at what you’re doing right now.
Move beyond into the realm of the life-light, and make it yours. Write 1,000 pages and then WRITE SOME MORE! Pay no attention to LOS DIABLOS DE LA VIDA, they will try to pull you away. Do what you do well, and follow your dreams.
Don’t ever lose sight of who you are, and if something is important to you DO NOT COMPROMISE! Wake up each day with a new plan, but if you falter you’ll have no one to blame… Take that responsibility, and go where your heart tells you to go.
When you fall, get up and dust yourself off and keep walking towards your destiny. It WILL make a difference, so I’ve learned from my experience on this Earth…