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The Talent You Need

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The Talent You Need
Giddian Beer

There once was a worthy designer
Whose efforts almost were finer
Than soup cans depicted by Andy*,
Which are dandy
And refined.

Though he strained, he never could ever
Come up with anything clever;
He had, when it came to creation,
Of the mind.

Yet he held all the chic in chattel,
And they followed his lead like cattle;
For he seemed as bright as embers
To the members
Of the herd.

And each who became his victim
Subscribed to the following dictum:
If you wish to attract much attention
And some mention
Look absurd.

And he nurtured their powerful loathing
For conventional, everyday clothing,
‘Cause anything really outrageous
Was vantageous
To his fame.

To make their wares tempting and spicy
And, therefore, of course, much more pricey,
Vendors paid lavish commission
For permission
And his name.

Though mentally not very healthy,
He became tremendously wealthy,
Enjoying abject adoration,
And acclaim.

So, forget the common convention!
Forget about brains and invention!
To make a big splash
And plenty of cash,
The talent you need is pretension!